End-of-the-Year Ceremony in English Spot

Dear Friends,

Many thanks to you all for another successful and educational year of English Spot. Each of the 5 age groups were able to come together on Saturday mornings (not always an easy task!) and discover many new and interesting topics. And while language is our primary focus, it always enlivens our instructional efforts when the material we cover is of interest to our students. Hopefully, the end-of-the-year show we put on this past Saturday gives some small indication of just how engaged your children are.

English Spot is more than just teaching and learning, however. Most of our students stay with us for years, and in that way we become a community. Seeing this past Saturday how some of our older participants have matured and developed over their time with us was truly inspiring.

Thank you for trusting us with your children, and thank you for being part of the English Spot community. We hope you enjoyed our songs, presentations, films and all-around fun, and wish you all a great Summer holiday!  See you all next school year,

The English Spot Team