Bullying is when people torment other people. There are two types of bullying: physical, like when you beat someone up; and emotional, that’s like telling someone nobody likes him or saying other mean stuff. A person who is a bully is a very mean person who can’t express his anger in any other way than by being horrid to other people. A bully is also unhappy in a way because imagine: if it was your birthday and you got lots of presents and a good grade at school would you like to hit someone? I don’t think so. So what if you got told off at school and then your sister got a treat and came to your room to show off? What would you do then? Tell her she’s stupid, probably. People who are bullied are often treated that way because of something like the fact that their clothes aren’t cool and expensive, or they aren’t as rich as the bullies, even if they’re top in class and teacher’s pets. What about the friends of the bullied ones, you’ll ask? Well, they might stick up for them but that won’t help much. Most of them will be just scared that if they defend their friends they’ll start getting bullied, too. So bullied people are helpless and unable to manage things on their own. My advice for such people would be to tell your teacher or parents. You might be scared that after that the bullying will be worse but your teacher could have a talk with them and tell their parents to have a talk with them, too. If someone is being bullied online I have the same advice or stop using that particular website.