Racism – It is war against each other in terrible ways. It is awful


·       When looking for a job if you are black there is 50% less chance they will call you back.

·       Black people pay more to get something then white.

·       Black people get caught for driving while black.

·       White people won’t sell a house that is in a neighborhood, but to a white person they will

·       Black people are more likely arrested then white people.

·       Doctors won’t tell black people if you are sick even if you are, but they will tell a white.

If you see a black person being picked on or being beaten the right thing to do is to help him. Don’t be racist if you know that no matter what skin you have you are the same.



My dad has a friend that is black. Well they were taking the metro. Then suddenly someone pushed my dad’s friend and ran away. How can you attack someone if you don’t know him. Well that is racism.